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4 Beautiful Ideas fora Landscaping Pond


Water features, such as landscaping ponds, add several benefits to your home. One is that they're attractive on their own. For another, you get to enjoy the reflective qualities of water. They can even provide a gathering space for wild animals, such as birds and deer. Because of all these benefits, a landscaping pond adds value to your house.

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The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Spring


When spring rolls around and the weather starts getting nicer, it's not uncommon for you to wonder how you can best revive your landscaping from its winter sleep and greet the new season with a flourish of life.

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Transform Your Side Yard Into Usable Living Space


Technically, it's possible to have more than enough outdoor living space. However, homeowners are usually looking for ways to make their yards more accommodating to their outdoor living. Even so, many homeowners tend to overlook their side yards as anything more than a pathway from the front to backyards.

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Benefits of Outdoor Water Features


If you are considering placing an outdoor water feature in your yard, Chandler Landscapes, Inc. explains the benefits you can experience by installing this addition.

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Four Reasons to Consider Adding an Outdoor Fireplace


If you're looking for a way to enhance your outdoor living space, consider adding a fireplace. It's a home improvement project that's easy and quick to complete. Here are four reasons to consider adding a fireplace to your deck or patio.

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