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4 Beautiful Ideas fora Landscaping Pond

Close-up of pond with green leaves inside
Water features, such as landscaping ponds, add several benefits to your home. One is that they're attractive on their own. For another, you get to enjoy the reflective qualities of water. They can even provide a gathering space for wild animals, such as birds and deer. Because of all these benefits, a landscaping pond adds value to your house.
Here are some ideas for how to add a landscaping pond to your yard so you can take advantage of the benefits.

1. Pond With Tiered Waterfall

One of the most common styles for landscaping ponds is naturalistic. For this style of pond, homeowners typically choose a freeform pool, meaning it doesn't have a regular shape. The goal is to simulate a pond occurring in nature. While the pond could be sunk into the ground, you can also design an above-ground version with a natural stone surround.
A popular addition for such a naturalistic pond is a tiered waterfall. This waterfall can feature single or multiple tiers. But the waterfall will look more natural if you keep the cascades smaller. So if you want a taller waterfall, add the height with additional tiers.
As with the pond itself, the waterfall should look naturalistic, so choose either natural or faux stone for the material. You can further promote the sense of nature by adding plants around the waterfall. Just make sure the plants won't drop debris into the water itself.

2. Japanese Water Garden

Another version of a naturalistic pool is the Japanese water garden. Japanese design is built around the four elements, of which water is one. You also see a lot of stone as well as bridges, which signifies the connection between water and sky.
One of the goals of a Japanese water garden is to make a small space appear larger. So try to arrange landscaping so that it blocks out your fence and even your neighbor's house if possible. At minimum, disguise them with pretty plants and even tall trees.
If you have the budget, consider adding a pagoda, which will be a Japanese-inspired feature. The pagoda doesn't have to be big. If you don't have the space, though, consider adding stone lanterns, Buddha statues, or other Asian-inspired art. Many homeowners also add koi to their ponds for that traditional feel.

3. Modern-Style Landscaping Pond

Naturalistic ponds don't necessarily correspond with every house style. If your home is more on the modern side, consider a modern landscaping pond. For this style, concrete is the obvious material choice because it's manufactured and easy to form into geometric shapes. However, you can also choose natural stone with clean edges for the minimalist effect.
Ponds with obvious geometry fit best into the modern aesthetic. Square, rectangular, and round ponds are good choices. You can add more shapes with stepping stones or planters jutting into your pond. Likewise, look for plants with geometric appeal, such as cactuses, water lilies, and succulents to plant nearby.
As noted above, your pond should feature a clean profile. Indeed, you may choose a blue-gray or even black liner for your pond, which will make the water's surface mirror-like.

4. Backyard Oasis

What's the central feature of an oasis? Water. You can get an oasis vibe going in your backyard with a tropical-inspired landscaping pond. You can start with a naturalistic pond, or you could have a geometric pool installed.
Whatever shape of pool you choose, consider a natural stone liner and coping. You could also match natural stone to a bright turquoise liner. This style looks beautiful with warm-hued stones because they complement the turquoise color.
With an oasis pool, you get a lot of the effect from the nearby plants, which should be luxurious - though still clean. Naturally, the prime plant is the palm tree, which conveys that oasis vibe. Tropical plants such as bird of paradise, hibiscus, and heavenly bamboo also add gorgeous pops of color.
Chandler Landscapes, Inc. can help you design, install, and maintain your beautiful landscaping pond. Contact us today to discuss how you can add a landscaping pond to your yard to create a whole new aesthetic.
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