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4 Ways to Prevent Your New Pool from Overwhelming the Backyard

prevent pool from overwhelming
When many homeowners decide to add a backyard pool to their existing landscape, they may worry about how it will affect the use of the entire space. A full size swimming pool will have a large impact on the look and feel of the yard, but your pool doesn't have to overwhelm the space.
The key is to take the time to integrate your pool into what's already planned or installed. Here are 4 ways to integrate your new pool into any yard design.

Match the Architecture

You can make the pool appear to be a simple extension of the house by complementing the design of the home. Have a modern home? A geometric shaped pool with clean lines and stark surroundings might work best. Want a more relaxed, rustic look? Try a kidney bean shape or even a custom design.
Even smaller elements of the house can be mimicked or extended in the pool. Are there sharp points or chunky exterior walls on the house? Add similar edges and retaining walls to the pool and its surrounding deck. You can also use complementary colors and materials from the house's siding, roof or patio. 

Add Natural Landscaping

Use greenery to give the pool a more natural and random feeling. If your budget is tight, this could simply mean using the same types of flowers, shrubs, and trees around the pool as are in the surrounding landscape. Even when the plants are in containers, the repeated landscaping can blend the pool and yard. Be sure to extend flooring materials from the patio or nearby walkways into the pool deck and lounge areas.
If you have more room, consider installing a faux rock grotto. This fun accessory has the look and feel of natural boulders and often features a waterfall for an added natural touch. You can use rock grottos not only to create a realistic backdrop but also to hide a fun slide or give the pool a hidden getaway. 

Integrate Entertainment Spaces

Combining the pool with your outdoor entertainment area creates a large and cohesive entertainment zone. Expand existing outdoor rooms, decks or patios to encompass the new pool. In this way, your outdoor fire pit or conversation area can blend in harmoniously with the pool's tanning area or poolside tables.
Install some combined features that work both with and without the pool. A poolside bar, for example, can draw visitors and family whether you're entertaining in the water or not. Use an exterior wall as a screen for projecting outdoor movies that can be enjoyed from seats or in the water. Or have your pool contractor include a beach entrance where people can dip their toes in the water without fully entering. 

Work With the Terrain

If your yard already has some structural features that will be staying, use the pool's placement and design to accentuate those features. Make a sketch of the landscape elements that are most important to you or that must stay in the yard (such as sheds, trees and property lines). Then look for ways to make the pool complement these more organically.
This could mean changing the pool's shape so that it meanders along an existing walkway or creating a vertical retaining wall along a steep slope. You could work the pool's shape around your favorite tree or add a bridge over the water to enjoy your favorite view. If you need help working with a specific yard feature, talk with our hardscape experts at Chandler Landscapes, Inc. for more ideas.
With some creativity and an eye toward the overall harmony of the yard, you can create a backyard pool that feels like it was always meant to be there. 
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