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Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

You don’t have to have a huge backyard or take out a second mortgage to pay for a cascading waterfall in your backyard. There are many different water features—from small fountains to ornamental fish ponds to pondless waterfalls—that enable anyone to easily and affordably enjoy the benefits of these outdoor additions. Here are a few reasons to consider including water features in your landscape design.

Soothing Sounds

Even if you don’t have a mountain retreat, you can still enjoy the soothing sounds of nature after a long day at work. The trickle of water is a natural stress reliever. It also creates white noise, which blocks the sound of traffic and other unwanted neighborhood clatter.

Customize Your Yard

In the sameness of suburbia, water features make your home unique. You can make your home more inviting to guests by incorporating a small stream and a bridge into your front walkway. Or, you can create a private backyard oasis complete with a pondless waterfall. The possibilities are endless.

Attract Wildlife

Birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other small creatures are naturally attracted to water. You’ll enjoy watching them flit and fly about as you relax in your yard.
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