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Get Creative With Landscape Lighting for All Seasons

Living in Birmingham gives you mild winters, which means you can feel confident about using your backyard all year long. While you may get almost 300 hours of sunlight in May and June, you should only expect around half of that in the winter months of December, January, and February.
If you want to spend more time outside, then you may want to improve your landscape lighting. Here are some tips for incorporating more light into your landscaping.

Determine Seasonal Needs

Spring and summer come with warmth and lots of natural light, so you do not need to worry about going outside and not having enough light to enjoy various activities. Also, the days are longer, so you can be outside later because the sun will give you the light that you need. This leads to winter being the most demanding when it comes to the lighting throughout your landscape.
Another thing to consider is what kind of lighting you will need in wintertime. For instance, if you have a pool, you may not intend on using it during winter because the water will be too cold. However, you may also have a hot tub, so you will want to focus on lighting up this area instead.

Space Out Solar Lights

While you will have variables such as nearby trees and properties, you should still expect to get around 2,700 hours of sunlight every year. This means that adding solar lights is a smart choice because you can expect them to get charged up throughout the day to provide night lighting.
Because solar lights need direct sunlight for charging, a landscaping professional can give your yard a thorough assessment to determine the best locations for these installations. Solar lights are ideal because they are not intrusive or complicated because they charge on their own.
If you put too many solar lights in one area, you may end up not having enough light at night after a cloudy day. So you will want to spread the solar lights throughout the landscape. You should feel confident adding solar lights to the areas where lighting is optional. Toward the back of your yard where people usually do not go, you can add solar lights for aesthetic purposes.

Cover the Essentials

In the initial planning stages, you should make sure you cover the essentials. This means planning out the lighting in every spot where activities can happen. If you have a patio, you will want to consider multiple lighting types - such as wall lanterns, hanging lights, and lamp posts. You can light up the pathways to these areas with path lights that you stake into the ground.
If you want to illuminate a large area, then you cannot go wrong with a tall lamp post. You can also customize the color temperature and lumens for each light installation. If you want bright lighting at the lamp post, then you will want to prioritize bulbs with high lumens.

Go for a Test Run

When you are thinking about what you want to add to the backyard, visualizing the additions may not be enough. Fortunately, you can go on a test run by using lights you already have. You can analyze color temperature by determining the different ranges that are inside your home, and then decide whether you want warm white, soft white, or cool white in the yard.
If you have portable lights such as a lamp or flashlight, then you can take them outside to give yourself a more accurate representation of what kind of light you will get from lighting installations.
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